Amethyst - The February Birthstone

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As February is fast approaching, it’s perfect timing to write about the beautiful February birthstone; Amethyst. We have lots of gorgeous Amethyst bracelets that would make a perfect gift for someone with a February birthday.

Amethyst is a protecting stone, thought to bring the wearer calm, balance and intuition. It’s a really pretty purple coloured stone, and can be found in either a light or dark shade. As with all semi precious stones, each stone is totally unique in colour and form, which is arguably what makes them so special. 

Whether you’re looking for a really personal gift for a February birthday, if you love the meaning and energies behind Amethyst, or you simply love this beautiful stones pretty purple hues, The Lovely Edit has something perfect for you.


 First up, we have these pretty Amethyst chip bracelets in a number of styles, that are in the lighter shade of purple.


 Some of which can be personalised with a name, word or initials of your choice with our acrylic letters beads.


We also have our classic and super popular birthstone bracelets in a skinny (pictured) or midi size with Swarovski crystal birthstones in the Amethyst colour. Both the skinny and the midi designs are available in either sterling silver or gold vermeil. The Midi style can also be personalised with our acrylic letters.


Finally, our ‘Power of Three’ bracelet with the gorgeous dark purple round Amethyst stones. Available in either silver, gold or white.

Hopefully you’ll find something perfect for yourself or a loved one here in our little Amethyst haven.