Karma Collection - Crystal Energy Personalised Necklace

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A necklace version of our best selling crystal energy bracelets. Featuring gorgeous polished semi precious stones in a range of options. This bracelet can also be personalised with a name, initials or word of your choice. 

Choose from:

> Amethyst: a protecting stone thought to promote calm, balance and intuition in the wearer. It is also the February birthstone.

> Aquamarine: a calming stone, thought to bring the wearer peace, clarity and courage. It is also the March birthstone.

> Rose Quartz: the universal stone of love, believed to bring love, compassion and harmony to the wearer. It is also the birthstone for October.

> Amazonite: a soothing stone, thought to promote love, healing and bravery. .

> Labradorite: for strength, perseverance and intuition

> Sunstone: an energetic stone thought to bring joy, passion and positivity

> Clear Quartz: for wisdom, concentration and harmony

> Blue Lace Agate : a lovely pale blue stone to bring hope, peace and optimism.

> Turquoise : a vibrant stone thought to promote success, happiness and truth. We use genuine turquoise stones that have been dyed for a more vibrant colour.

> Moonstone : a milky white stone promoting femininity, balance and new beginnings

> Carnelian : this stone ranges from clear to bright orange to deep red making a truly unique piece of jewellery. It is believed to support passion, healing and vitality.

> Fluorite : a lovely mix of blues, greens and purples, Fluorite stone is thought to bring self-confidence, focus and positivity.

> Ametrine : a mix of Amethyst and Citrine, the Ametrine stone is believed to enhance creativity, relieve stress and bring balance.

Each stone is totally unique in shape and colour meaning that no two necklaces will come out the same, giving you a gorgeously unique piece of jewellery.

Personalise these necklaces with your own, or a loved one's name or initials, or choose a meaningful word. Some popular options are;

Love, Calm, Heal, Namaste, Mama, Peace, Relax, BFF, Heya.

For a heart type <3  in the personalisation box.

Choose from sterling silver or 14k gold vermeil clasp and extension chain. The necklace is made to a standard size of approx 16 inches plus a 2 inch extension so it can be worn between 16-18 inches.


> Semi precious polished 'chip' crystals (each stone is totally unique in shape and colour)

> Sterling silver or gold vermeil details

> Optional acrylic letter beads

> Standard length approx 16-18inches 

Handmade to order, with love and care. Each necklace will come in it's own fabric pouch with a card telling you about the properties of the stone.